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New Homes For Sale In Colorado Springs

 Cities are made up of the industrial or work area, the shopping district, the schools and churches districts, and the residential areas. New homes for sale in Colorado Springs seekers need to know about the neighborhoods: if they’re affordable, if they’re safe, and if they’re located in good school districts. We’ve put together this list of Colorado Springs neighborhoods to help you decide which is right for you.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It’s bounded on the north by the United States Air Force Academy. To its south is Fort Carson. The eastern boundary is the 24,000 acre Banning Lewis Ranch, with the western being the southern edge of the Rockies themselves. New houses for sale in Colorado Springs are situated in many fine neighborhoods within each of the city’s boundaries.

Colorado Springs is heavily military, but Pine Creek Colorado Springs homes for sale buyers will find aerospace, cyber-centered industry, the medical industry, and over 30 companies in the Fortune 500 call Colorado Springs their headquarters. Hospitality, healthcare, IT, and some manufacturing concerns can also be found in The Springs, as Colorado Springs is called.


Colorado Springs has 132 elementary, middle, and high schools. Schools host between 200 and 1,600 students, with a teacher to student ratio of between 12:1 and 17:1 or a little more. In academic achievements, test scores, and other criteria, The Springs’ schools are ranked higher than metro areas of similar size by seven out of ten.

New homes for sale in Colorado Springs are near colleges including College America at Colorado Springs, Colorado College, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Technical University at Colorado Springs, National American University at Colorado Springs South, Nazarene Bible College, Remington College at Colorado Springs, University of Phoenix at Colorado Springs Southern Campus, United States Air Force Academy, and Colorado State University at Pueblo.

Pine Creek

The Briargate community is located three miles southeast of the Air Force Academy. On the northeast corner of this community you’ll find the Pine Creek neighborhood.

Any other community built around an 18-hole golf course is just that. This one has the mountains to distract you from playing a good game of golf. As if that’s not enough, the natural grasslands and meandering creeks of a canyon type golf course will challenge you in the first nine holes. In the second, you’ll be up against your basic American type course.

Nine hundred acres of strictly controlled architecture is available to those seeking Craftsman, Prairie, and European Cottage types of Pine Creek Colorado Springs homes for sale. The houses are nestled right on the course, so stepping outside for a few holes is not problem.

Another enticement for living here is the park and walking trails. Enjoy more than just the mountains in the distance. Get up close and personal with grassy playing fields as well as the walking trails surrounding the area.

Keep track of your time running, hiking, biking, and however else you take your exercise by the mile markers put up by a local Boy Scout earning a Community Service Badge. Playground equipment is also available for the younger set.

Ramona Williams of the Keller Williams Partners will be helping those seeking homes for sale in Colorado Springs in the Pine Creek neighborhood. She’ll tell them they will send their children to District 20 schools. These cover the whole northern section of The Springs and provide a quality education to our kids.


Another neighborhood in the northeast corner of the Briargate area is Cordera. Built from the 1980s to the 2000s, there are still some new Cordera Colorado Springs homes for sale. Cordera, too, was a planned community, but this one has a twist.

Since Cordera has no golf course, it had to offer its residence something just as good or better. For your enjoyment, Cordera offers a heated swimming pool with toys and water rings for the children. Hungry? Hit the snack bar. Feeling like catching some rays? Not a problem.

The Grand Lawn is five acres of green space for ball games, picnics, music under the stars, and much more. Another Cordera Grand is the Grand Room which can be divided into three smaller rooms for events. Have your birthday parties, anniversaries, meetings, networking parties and more here in rooms catered by a kitchen and with rooms providing a big screen for ball games or movies.

Can’t sit still? Step out of any Cordera Colorado Springs homes for sale and hit the miles and miles of hiking trails. View the mountains, the plains, the green patchwork of lawns around the neighborhood, the birds, and that incredible sky only found over new houses for sale in Colorado Springs.

Cordera, too, is served by the Academy District 20 schools with an elementary school inside the community.

Wolf Ranch

New homes for sale in Colorado Springs include homes in the Wolf Ranch neighborhood. You’ll find Wolf Ranch in the northeast corner of Briargate, too. Another master planned community, Wolf Ranch offers almost 2,000 acres of nothing but pure space.

Homes for sale in Wolf Ranch Colorado Springs are surrounded by ten miles of walking trails, parks, 300 acres of open green space, and a 14 acre lake. This should give you enough space to roam around and soak up the Great Rocky Mountain ambience.

Both two story and paired patio homes are available in homes for sale in Wolf Ranch Colorado Springs. Not all new homes are fully landscaped, but these are. Snow removal from walkways and drives also comes with the package. As with the other Briargate neighborhoods, Cordera, as well, is part of the Academy District 20 schools.

Flying Horse

Northgate is located at the extreme northern edge of Colorado Springs. Named for its proximity to the North Gate of the Air Force Academy, you’ll find Flying Horse within its boundaries. If luxury living is your goal, then Ramona Williams will show you homes for sale Flying Horse Colorado Springs that will make you feel right at home.

Luxury means different things to different people. Flying Horse offers its residents a 43,000 square foot clubhouse, nine tennis courts, a heat swimming pool, spa, gym, and a premier 18 hole golf course. A natural canyon within the community is the host of a K to 12 academy for the children called the Discovery Canyon Campus. Its academic curriculum is bold and modern. Lodging is available for visitors both domestic and business.

This award-winning collection of six villages are connected and offer their own walking trails, parks, and other amenities including challenging and beautiful golf courses.

Many of the homes for sale Flying Horse Colorado Springs are custom homes. Many offer up to six bedrooms and six baths within six thousand square feet. High ceilings, some of the beamed, stone fireplaces, lots of windows for natural light, carpet, tiled, and wood floors, huge open floor plans, beautiful dark wood cabinetry, master suite and en suite bath on the main floor, and plenty of rooms to make media rooms, home offices, home gyms, butler’s pantry and more are only some of what you can expect Ramona Williams to show you in these stunning custom homes.

Even if you don’t need ten thousand square feet in a house, homes with four thousand square feet include open to the second floor great rooms with open floor plans, wood floors, plenty of windows, elegant cabinetry, four to six bathrooms (one of which is spa-like,) and plenty of rooms to use as you wish. Add covered patios and decks, and you have outdoor living spaces. What’s not to love?

While you’re be enjoying mountain views, views of elegant and well-kept golf courses, and the incomparable Colorado skies, the kids will be in attendance in the Academy 20 school district.


People come from around the world as well as from the United States to see the natural beauty of Colorado. Some are drawn by tales of the old west and head straight for dude ranches. Others come to see historical Pike’s Peak and the Rockies. Many come to see if John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High is all it was cracked up to be.

For whatever reason they come, many stay. There is industry, the lure and fascination of filming movies, fine education, and enjoyable things to do in Colorado Springs. These may be first impression enticements, that is, until seeing the homes around Colorado Springs convinces them. 

It isn’t just a building, stunning though it may be, that makes a home. Luxury isn’t all a home is about. It’s the life in the building that makes it a home. It’s people sharing that life, making it the best it can be, and supporting each other that makes it a home. 

You’ll meet Colorado Springs people that are the nicest and most helpful you’ll find anywhere. People like gaming designer, producer, programmer, and developer John Romero, tons of actors like Sherry Stringfield of ER fame, Veronica Hill, and Mark McCreary are like the people you’ll meet.