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Homes For Sale Old Colorado City

Once upon a time, in a state far, far away, there were majestic mountains, golden plains, and villages of great charm. Those buying homes for sale Old Colorado City reveled in the small town atmosphere. They took pride in the history of the town, pointing out to visitors and family the buildings that remained from their origins in the territory.

If you’re interested in Old Colorado City real estate, Ramona Williams of the Keller Williams Partners will be happy to show you charming cottages, mid-century modern homes, a couple of Craftsman homes, and some modern houses. As the beauty of the mountain backdrop of these homes impresses you, you’ll also learn the town’s beginnings and all there is to enjoy about this sweet little town.


The Origins Of Old Colorado City

What today is a neighborhood in Colorado Springs began its life as the capital of the Colorado Territory for five whole days. Old Colorado City was born in the middle of the Gold Rush, coal mining, supplying the miners, and as a transportation hub for those going farther west.

Part of the Kansas Territory at first, Old Colorado City became the capital of the Colorado Territory before being moved to Denver in 1862. Three hundred cabins populated the town along with roaring saloons, gambling houses and houses of ill repute. Fires along the road supporting these and opium dens cleared out most of the roaring. By the time Old Colorado City was made a part of Colorado Springs, the gambling, houses of ill repute, and saloons had moved on.

As the century turned into the 1900s, mining and railroads, gold and processing mills became Old Colorado City’s backbone. Ranching and farming also supported the small town. Today, Old Colorado City is a quaint village with boutique shopping, art galleries, restaurants (and don’t forget the ice cream shops,) and pubs with locally brewed libations with which visitors and residents are impressed.


Buying Old Colorado City homes for sale is only part of the delight in living here. Half of living in Colorado is the lure of the Old West. Celebrating this is part pride and part pure fun. For example, Territory Days reminds visitors and residents of the bad old days with a street fair, music, kid’s activities, vendors’ wares, incredible food and drink, and much more.

Celebrate the Old West for three days and have loads of fun doing it. For more modern celebrants, there’s Mad Hatter Day from the classic Alice in Wonderland, Scarecrow Days, the Great Pumpkin Festival, wine and food tours, and the list goes on and on.

The Mountains

The other half of living in Colorado is the Great Rocky Mountains. John Denver notwithstanding, few have found words adequate to describe their beauty. Hiking, biking, snowmobiling and skiing, fishing, water sports, enjoying the parks, and horse back riding are only a few of the things to enjoy about Mother Nature’s most stunning work of art.

Homes For Sale Old Colorado City

When we refer to “cottages,” we don’t mean the original El Paso County courthouse that you drove past on Colorado Avenue. Our cottages, some of which are over 100 years old, offer buyers of Old Colorado City real estate 1,600 to 1,800 square feet containing up to four bedrooms and three baths on 1/3 to a full acre of land.

Don’t let the age of the house fool you. You’ll find open floor plans, hardwood floors, very large kitchens with granite counters and stainless steel appliances, bathrooms with granite-topped double vanities and innovative tile floors resembling natural stone.

Those shopping for Old Colorado City homes for sale will notice the cottages and even some mid-century modern homes sit behind stone fencing. Some of the stone work has to do with retaining walls. After all, your house is sitting in the foot hills of the Rockies. The emphasis is on hills, but the fencing does give the cottages an aura of quaintness and Old World charm.

You’ll be sending your children to one of the five schools in the Colorado Springs 11 school district. School ratings are based on test scores, with the Old Colorado City schools rating very high. Your children could attend one of several colleges and universities nearby including University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado College, Pike’s Peak Community College, Colorado Technical University, and the United States Air Force Academy, to name only a few.

Final Thoughts

 People buy homes in Colorado every day. They transfer in for their jobs, some are military, others are part of the entrepreneurial avalanche covering the state. Many live here because they film here. Whatever the reason they came, they add a richness to Colorado life it wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t come. Everyone here both contributes to that and benefits from the richness. Ramona will be happy to find you a place from which your own richness will add to Old Colorado City.