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The Rural Colorado Dream – Real Estate, Peyton CO

If you want to get away from the city, you have to drive no further out of the Colorado Springs area than the quaint, tiny town of Peyton. One of the most breathtaking areas on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, Peyton sits at over 6,000 feet, above Denver, about a 90 minute drive from this personable small berg. Known for its breathtaking scenery and views, Peyton has some of the most amazing blue sky you will ever see, welcoming, old fashioned neighborhoods with a bit of pioneer flare thrown in for good measure, and lots of quiet. If you want wide open spaces, jaw dropping views, lots of available square footage in properties as well as acreage, and plenty of space for the pole barn, art studio, training corral or whatever else your heart desires, you need to look at Peyton.

Peyton historically was a significant town in this part of Colorado, originally platted on Christmas Day, 1888. When the Rock Island Railway arrived in 1890, Peyton was a bustling small farming and mining community, supporting many local ranches and coal operations with as many as five general stores in operation at the same time. As bases of operations moved to larger towns, Peyton’s population continued to grow because of the railroad, with telephone service arriving sometime before 1922. In 1923 a terrible fire destroyed a number of buildings in town, including much of the inventory of the general stores. As in many frontier communities, tragedy did not stop the spirit, and the town rebuilt, including a new rail depot in 1945. In 1955 the railway abandoned the stop at Peyton’s freight station, and the decline of the town began, coupled with several devastating floods that did significant damage to local bridges and roadways. Peyton continues in the frontier mindset to this day, with many civic positions including the fire department being entirely volunteer, with local residents having fundraisers to cover operating expenses and new equipment.


Why You Should Consider Homes For Sale in Peyton Colorado

As is typical in small towns in Colorado, Peyton is friendly, and just about everyone knows everyone else in this tiny spot of 250 people. The surrounding area is growing, though, as people from both Colorado Springs and even the outskirts of Denver discover the wide-open spaces, unobstructed range, and star filled night skies. In the last decade people wanting to get away from the rush, lights, traffic, and crowd of town have built more and more new homes in the Peyton area. Peyton’s small town atmosphere filled with true Colorado ranchers, farmers, and workers take you back to a time when hard work and working with your hands outlined the most honorable professions in the state. Many local residents are involved in mining, construction, welding, maintenance, manufacturing, and other work that allows them to create and do their trades with pride. If you are looking for cooler temperatures for your horses, or a place for your kids to ride their bikes, Peyton is a perfect choice to look for a home, or land on which to construct your dream casa.

Northeast of Colorado Springs about 30 minutes, many residents of the area who want a quieter home life commute into the city, or to one of the major employers such as Peterson Air Force Base, one of two major hospital/health care systems, the Colorado Springs Public Schools, NORAD or one of the space research agencies, Hewlett-Packard, WorldCom, Verizon, or any number of aerospace and defense contractors with both research and development and manufacturing plants in the region.

More Reasons to Look For Homes For Sale – Peyton CO

Peyton is the home to the Homestead Ranch Regional Park, 450 flower-filled acres of meadow and bluffs showcasing the geology and geography of the region. There are ample wildlife spotting opportunities, with deer, coyotes, foxes, and many varieties of songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors. With horseback trails, picnic spots, and a spring-fed pond where you can fish, this natural treasure is a popular location for hiking, horseback riding, fishing, wildflower and birding expeditions, and time off with the family.

As more of the Colorado Springs area reaches near half a million in population, more people are looking for increasingly rural settings to escape to quiet, solitude, nature watching, and seeing how many meteors can be counted during showers in the inky black skies. With little light pollution, Peyton is far enough out of the Springs area to offer a taste of old, rural ranch Colorado, but close enough to the city to have superb educational, employment, and health care readily available. The area around Peyton is becoming increasingly popular for larger parcels with sizeable homes being built, often in Colorado vernacular or southwestern casita or Pueblo styling. Property values have continued to rise in the area, and ranch owners are not quick to parcel out property needed for grazing and crops. If you are thinking about moving to the country, Peyton is an excellent choice to find that quiet. Having a good realtor who knows the area and is known and trusted helps a great deal with both finding, and being able to purchase parcels around this community.

When You Are Looking for Peyton Homes For Sale

The Springs Home Team has been handling both city and rural parcels of property in the Colorado Springs area for well over a decade. Our entire team of dedicated real estate professionals has a strong sense of pride and dedication to what makes Colorado so special. We know the Peyton area, and often know when property is coming up for sale, a retiring family is downsizing, or a ranch estate will be offered. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the type of rural home or ranch you are hoping to find, and do the daunting task of looking for you. The Springs Home Team has won numerous awards for real estate sales in the region. We are affiliated with Keller-Williams, and often top the lists for best-negotiated prices for purchasers, as well as above listing dollar sale figures on sold properties. We make sure property is lien and encumbrance free, all the paperwork is in order, any easements, mineral, and water rights are clearly delineated, and transparent contracts are written and executed on time.

Call us or send in our contact form, and we will call you to set up a convenient time to talk, and take you to the Peyton area to show you available properties. We are glad you enjoy the true rural nature of Colorado just as much as we do, and we are delighted to be the real estate agents of choice to help you find your dream property.